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Welcome to My Little Pawz, a family-run breeding program in sunny Florida. We raise top-quality dogs indoors with love and care. Our breeding pairs are selected for health, temperament, and conformation to breed standards. Every puppy comes with a health guarantee. Find your perfect match at My Little Pawz.

How it works

Contact us by phone, text, or email to specify the puppy breed or pet qualities you are seeking. (Ensure you are prepared for the commitment and care a puppy requires.)

To reserve your chosen puppy, a deposit is required. We accept Zelle, CashApp, Card payments, and cash for in-person visits. No other payment methods are accepted at this time.

Please schedule a day and time for picking up the puppy. If the puppy is held for more than 3 days after the scheduled pick-up date, a boarding fee will apply for each additional day.

We are here to answer your questions and care for our puppies even after they find loving homes. Do not hesitate to reach out!

Customers testimonials

The most rewarding part of our job is hearing from our customers!

I got a teacup Pomchi ! She has the sweetest demeanor. She heathy , she loves kids adult and other dogs! She was almost all done putty training.

I live in Maine my little paws delivery her to Boston. They took a plane with her so she would not go in to cargo .

I also got help paying for my puppy after we had meet. And she transferred my money back. I cannot say enough good things about My little pawz. The are honest upfront people.

Amanda Mae Brown

Pomchi Owner

I just purchased my cocker spaniel puppy through My Little Pawz and could not be more grateful. I could tell immediately their puppies are treated as members of the family. My puppy is super healthy and happy. This was said to me by my vet today as well. I highly recommend them if you want to purchase from reputable breeder. 🤗

Lesbia Silva

Cocker Spaniel Owner

What a amazing experience ❤️ I got surprise pictures that would just make me smile while I was waiting on my baby Ella. I have to say I am over joyed with our baby and the choice I made with you truly wonderful.

Barbara Rohrabaugh Mitchell

Longhair Chihuahua Owner

Brought home our little Alfie last Saturday and he has been nothing but the sweetest Puppy. I would highly recommend this breeder because you can tell they care and treat their animals with the upmost quality care. Thank you For the wonderful addition to our home 🙂!

Heather M

Pomeranian Owner

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At My Little Pawz, we know how important it is to feel confident when getting a new pet. That's why we guarantee the health of all our puppies. You can be sure that you're bringing home a happy and healthy puppy when you choose us.

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